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    Introduction to Programmatic Advertising – Digital Marketing

    Baseline knowledge of the digital marketing space
    Understanding that programmatic advertising is a way to buy and sell digital ads
    Come to the course ready to learn
    UPDATE: Einführung in Programmatic Advertising gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch! Schalten Sie einfach die deutschen Untertitel ein, wenn Sie das Video starten, und sehen Sie, wie der gesamte Kurs ins Deutsche übersetzt wird. Hallo an meine Freunde aus Deutschland! (Now available in German!)

    Have you heard the term Programmatic Advertising before? What about RTB? Maybe you’ve heard of an SSP or a DSP or an exchange. But do you really know what these terms mean and what these companies do?

    In 2020 programmatic advertising was a $65B a year industry, or about 20% of all digital ad dollars. By 2022 90% of all digital ads were transacting programmactially, totally nearly $200 Billion. An industry of this size, with such explosive growth requires a lot work by many different companies. It also requires a complex system that results in benefits for all parties.

    In Introduction to Programmatic Advertising you’ll be taken through the process of a programmatic ad buying, the ad-tech companies involved, and the benefits for both advertisers and publishers. I’ll breakdown the ecosystem piece by piece in order to clearly explain what “programmatic” actually means.

    By taking this course you’ll be joining over 50,000 students that I’ve taught to date in over 130 countries. My classes on digital advertising have received hundreds of 5 star reviews from seasoned media professionals, to recent college grads. I know you’ll not only learn something from this course, but you’ll enjoy the experience.

    Who this course is for:
    Digital advertising professionals
    Anyone with a background in social media looking to expand to other digital advertising
    Broadcast media professionals looking to learn about digital advertising
    TV professionals and sales people looking to learn about digital
    Digital marketing students looking to expand their knowledge of the space

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