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    Spot Contracts for Currency Exchange – Spot FX Trading


    • Basic Knowledge of Foreign Exchange Market


    Currency Trading is done in Foreign Exchange Market. Currency plays an important role in every part of the world as it is required to conduct foreign trade and businesses. Through Foreign Exchange Market there are many participants who buy, sell and exchange currencies i.e. trillions of dollars. Currency Trading takes place between different countries in order to conduct smooth foreign trade transactions. In this educba’s course on Understanding Currency Spot Contracts you shall be learning how Spot Contract Notional Trading and Margin Trading takes place. We would be understanding this by actually practically currency trading on the portal keeping in mind UK markets.

    A spot contract is the most basic of all foreign exchange products available. It involves the purchasing or selling of currency for immediate settlement on the spot date. The trade is done at the current rate at the time you wish to make it and is often based on the urgency of your requirements. This means that you are dependent on the currency market exchange rate at that time and on the day the spot transaction needs to be made.

    A ‘buy now, pay now’ deal for immediate delivery, a Spot Contract is the most basic foreign exchange product. Any business or individual can use this product to buy and sell a foreign currency at the current market exchange rate. You can have a currency trader book a trade for you or, using an online system, search for the best available rate and book it yourself.

    Once currency pairing, amount and currency exchange rate have been confirmed, a contract is automatically drawn up. This becomes a binding obligation to buy or sell the currency agreed upon.

    The date of trade is the day on which the contract is agreed and the settlement date is the day on which funds are physically exchanged and delivered into the account of choice. If the base currency funds are received before the daily cut-off time the settlement date will be the same or next working day, unless requested otherwise.

    Who this course is for:

    • Students, Professionals, Anyone interested in learning Currency Trading Basics

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