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    Financial Planning Demystified – Beginners Module


    • A PC with internet, Knowledge of Basic Finance terms, Passion to Learn


    Living without luxuries is possible; however, living without necessities is not. What if something goes wrong and you don’t have the money to spend? What if you lose your job, and what about your expenditure after you retire? You will not be earning that time; however, in any condition, you will need money for your necessities; what will happen then? In such situations, you can utilize your savings; savings is the amount you save from your monthly salary after spending on your expenditure. First, look at a few reasons that will inspire you to save money. Getting your businesses’ financials together is easier than you might think. Whether you’re interested in obtaining funding for your business or running your business with more peace of mind, this course will help you organize the financial side of your business, painlessly. All of the forms, information, and support you need are included, removing the heaving lifting from your shoulders. Your part is simply plugging your business data into the financial model worksheet. Saving money for tomorrow, retirement, and any unforeseen event is as important as earning for today. Remember, I have been repeating myself, telling you repeatedly that you have been spending today because you are earning today; tomorrow, when you do not earn, you will not have the money to spend unless you save for tomorrow, today.

    Financial Planning Demystified an online course on Financial Planning Demystified where you will be learning about introduction to financial planning, process of financial planning, basic financial details, process of financial planning, basics of accounting, analyzing and evaluation, rules of accounting, accounting equation, rules of accounting, basics of accounting, auditing and taxation, book keeping and accounting, accounting concepts, entity concepts, accrual concepts, develop and present plan, process of financial planning, forms of business organization, financial market and debt management and aslo about personal financial statement analysis.

    Financial Planning Demystified is specially designed for all the aspirants who want to apply for the Associate Financial Planning- Investment Planning examination. It is a preparatory course for the professionals who wish to appear for this examination. We have also provided you with a basic module of Introduction to Financial Planning to understand all the basic concepts of this course.

    Who this course is for:

    • Financial Planners, Finance Majors, Professionals in Finance domain

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