100% Discount || Level 1 Module: Become a Wealth Magnet for Life: Part 3 of 5

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    Level 1 Module: Become a Wealth Magnet for Life: Part 3 of 5


    • In order to follow, understand & get the benefit, You would need to have completed Part 1 & 2 of this 5-Part Module.
    • A willingness to follow the module sequentially. There are 5 parts . This is Part 3 of 5. These are deliberately designed to break down your wealth resistance is an effective way that is long lasting rather than a short term effect. They should be taken up one after the other to gain all the benefits.
    • No formal working experience or formal skill is needed
    • No financial experience needed – this course addresses the foundation of money stemming from limiting patterns we built up over time since childhood
    • An internet connection to view the video modules and download the exercises
    • Who this course is NOT aimed at: Adults looking for qualified technical financial and legal advice and /or teachings on how to manage being debt free, wills and trusts, mortgages, retirement planning, investments, accounting and management of taxes and company financial records. Etc.
    • A dedication to do the assignments. These are critical for Part 2-5 as it forms the building blocks needed for the next courses in this series. You are learning a whole new success language and daily habits that need to be put into place neurally, such as practices of f Gratitude, Wealth Intentions, learning the Advantage Concept, befriending the powerful subconscious mind and crafting empowering new beliefs.


    PART 3:

    This is our amazing Part 3 of the 5 Part money intensive into wealth creation. This course goes in even deeper.

    Part 1 of the series set the valuable foundation needed to break down your internal resistance that has been in place for decades when it comes to money and generational wealth creation. Part 1 has been carefully designed to slowly but definitively do this and to help you prove to yourself how you can overcome your limiting mindset around money. It is deliberately designed to prepare you for Part 2, 3, 4 & 5. Warning: If you jump ahead to the other parts – you will simply not gain the evidence needed to see those changes in your real life. It will also not make sense as some concepts and terms and processes  re explained in the various Parts at certain times to help build a stronger YOU. One that is able to withstand the changes you will be putting in place that will forever alter your neural tracks and reprogram your subconscious mind on money and wealth. This is what is going to change your life – literally. The new You. However it needs a stable foundation if it is to stand any change of success – especially since it has been programmed incorrectly since your childhood.

    PART 2 then got into heavier detail and tackled the following tougher topics:

    What it means to be an Undercover Billionaire. The Law of Balance, Leaning how to not weaponize your money truth, Re-establishing and reframing your love for money. Redefining your personal strengths – building up to your money and wealth hutzpah. Imagination Super Power. Learning the craft of visualising wealth creation. Building your scenes. Do’s and don’ts. Trigger words. How to actually “Live in the End”. Inner powerful phrases to use when re-enacting your wealth scenes. When and how to correctly to let go of a scene. Using your 5 senses vs your 6 senses in your scenes. Law of Attraction success stories. Famous persons that employ visualisations. Personal Money Drains, Addictions & Blocked Energy. Learning the effects of addictions on your wealth. Personal Money Triggers. Defining and understanding your limitation triggers and where they come from. Developing your Money Drain Diary by day / week. Putting a number to your addictions. Clearing your physical and non-physical space. Visually mapping and charting out your money drains, addictions and triggers. Money Boundaries. Understanding the value of money metrics. How to say No from the seat of your Internal Power


    Who this course is for:

    • Students that have completed Parts 1 & 2 in the 5 Part Series
    • Adults, any age or gender, who have a genuine deep desire to move to – and stay in – a state of expanding financial freedom
    • Anyone who wants to learn to JUMP money lifelines from poverty/middle class to generational wealth
    • Persons of any age who are DONE with going on financial / self help courses that have not shifted them one bit after a few months
    • Persons who are ready for REAL change and who are interest in seeing the evidence of that as the module and the 5 course Parts progress.
    • Employed, Self Employed, unemployed and retrenched persons the course addresses both and addresses the patterns prior to this.
    • Adults that have formed a misidentification around wealth creation and their relationship with money
    • Any adult that has formed and are strongly attached to their misidentification around wealth creation and their relationship with money.
    • People that have a very strong desire to be financially free and wealthy.
    • Persons that are genuinely seeking to identify, understand and release their internal emotional and mental blocks and limitations around money and wealth creation.

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