100% Discount || Introduction to Trifacta (Alteryx Cloud Designer)

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    Introduction to Trifacta (Alteryx Cloud Designer)


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    So much time in Data Science, Analytics or Analysis activities is spent preparing data, approximately 50-80 percent!

    The need for efficiency and capabilities in terms of data integration, preparation and transformation is understandably at an all time high.

    That’s where Trifacta Wrangler comes into play with its extensive capabilities in Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL) data.

    This course is for absolute beginners and will cover the basics to get you started.

    We will be using a movie ratings dataset and introduce some real world style requirements so you can get hands on experience.

    In this course you will:

    • Set up a free trial of Trifacta cloud
    • Learn the basics of Trifacta, its ecosystem and the interface
    • Understand Trifacta terminology such as Recipes and Flows
    • Ingest raw data and output clean, transformed data as per real world requirements
    • Understand how to collaborate and share flows

    In just one hour you will go from absolute beginner to being able to integrate data from multiple sources, perform data preparation and cleansing to raw data sets, exploratory data analysis and more.

    About me

    As your instructor I am a professional Data Consultant and have over 10 years of on the job experience working for both private and public experience.

    I have over 100,000 students enrolled in my courses worldwide and all of my courses have an average rating of over 4.5

    Who this course is for:

    • Absolute beginners
    • Anyone interested in cleaning and preparing raw data

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