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    How To Have Constructive Conversations And Debates At Work


    • There are no prerequisites for this course – just an open mind, and a love for learning!


    Learn the art of constructive conversation, enjoy the intellectual stimulation of debate, make everyone feel heard and respected, use the conversations to come up with increasingly better ideas, and leave the conversations more closely bonded to your co-workers than before.


    Today’s conversations include too much anger, vitriol, and compulsively taking offense while overreacting. But that doesn’t help anyone – especially in a professional setting.

    Instead, take this course and learn the art of constructive conversation to enhance professional outcomes and your relationships at work.


    Conversation is less about talking and more about having a 2-way exchange in which both parties have a genuine interest in the other’s point of view. That means listening should be a substantial part of your conversations, and in this course you’ll also learn the art of active listening!


    Most communication is non-verbal, and in this course I definitely go over non-verbal communication cues you can look for that will give you clues about what your conversation partner is thinking.


    You’ll also learn the common logical fallacies to help you avoid common conversation and debate pitfalls. It will help you be more logical and not fall for other people’s tricks.


    If anyone ever oversteps their boundaries, you’ll learn how to assertively communicate with them, hold your ground, and politely demand respect.


    You’ll be able to use your assertive communication skills in scenarios like negotiations where you have to respectfully debate, discuss, command respect while respecting others, and ultimately move forward in the best way possible for both parties.

    Invest in your future! Enroll today!

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    • This course is amazing for professionals

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