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Hello all my good students,

9 years ago, when I first started teaching people about software development, DevOps, Cloud platforms and Kubernetes, I did have one single purpose: to share all what I learned from working on the field with my customers.

I believe knowledge should be shared to make the world a better place to live.

Then it comes to people/students to choose what they want to learn and to create a learning path for themselves. I know, that is not always easy to do. As I’m always eager to help, here is my recommendations for everyone who wants to establish a professional career with cloud, DevOps and container technologies:

  1. Start learning about Docker containers with practical examples in this course:

    Getting started with DevOps using Azure DevOps & Docker


  2. After that, start implementing what you have learned with Kubernetes orchestrator:

    Kubernetes for developers


  3. Go deep dive into the world of Kubernetes: the future of container technologies

    Practical Kubernetes Guide


  4. Get your head into the exciting world of DevOps: one of the most valued technologies today

    Learn Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines


  5. Go a step further into the world of automation with Terraform: it will blink the eyes of your recruiter
    Deploy Infra in the Cloud using Terraform


  6. For the ones who wants to explore the world of software development in just 1 hour to get an overview about developing mobile applications and REST API
    I want to connect my Xamarin app to REST API


Cloud, Terraform, DevOps and Containers courses

Cloud, Terraform, DevOps and Containers courses

With that being said, I wish you enjoy every minute trying to understand, debug, troubleshoot and demystifying new technologies. It is then you realize you know more then yesterday. And that what will give you even more energy to stay on the right path to achieve success.

Best wishes for all,

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