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    What is Spirituality?


    • No previous knowledge of spirituality is required or much expenditure is required to start this course.
    • Your coach is there to help you on this journey through messages or email at any time.


    What is Spirituality? It is a beginners course for a true spiritual seeker who has lost in many confusions of today, as to what truly spirituality is about. It is explained here in simple ways what it involves to be a spiritual aspirant. With many simple tips, guidance, insights and meditations explained in this course, it  is  a great start for some one on a true spiritual path. Your coach will assist you and work with you along the way and support you throughout this journey.

    In this course you will learn ……Spirituality is about discovering who we are in our life. Have you ever asked yourself these questions: “What is life all about? What am I doing here? Who am I deep within? What is my purpose in life? What has been going on so far in my life?”

    When you arrive at a stage of asking questions about where you are in your life rather than constantly chasing something—or repeatedly obsessing over something never taking a moment to see what is going on in and around you—you start awakening into a sacred life.

    Rather than continuously pleasing your ever-present desire to want new things or experiences or living in confusion about your current life situation, you are looking to discover enlightenment.

    If you have experienced severe pain, trauma, or grief and feel that life is full of suffering, or you no longer see happiness in your life, you have come to the point of discovering your inner peace.

    You know you’ve found and connected to your true self when you begin looking at everything and questioning if that is what you truly want. You ask yourself, “What in my life will keep me happy, balanced, and purposeful?”

    Spirituality arises at a point in your life when you begin exploring your inner world, peace, to discover your purpose and fulfil the life you were born to live. If you are looking to embark on this journey I am looking forward to walking with you and will support you throughout this course.

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone new to spirituality and looking to start this beautiful journey
    • Anyone who is new to meditation and like to reap its benefits
    • Anyone looking to feel relaxed and find inner peace
    • Anyone looking to transform their life for the better

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