100% Discount || WebDevelopment in HINDI using HTML and CSS for Beginner 2021

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    WebDevelopment in HINDI using HTML and CSS for Beginner 2021


    • All you need is a computer, internet and interest of learning.


    NOTE : The course is in HINDI language.

    – After finishing this course the student will be able to make their own static single page website.

    – The course is divided into 5 sections( HTML, CSS3 + HTML5, CSS Flexbox, Project, Basics of JavaScript )

    Section 1 : HTML section covers the following topics:

    HTML Elements

    HTML Attributes

    HTML Text Formatting

    HTML Quotation and Citation Elements

    HTML Comments

    HTML Links

    HTML Images

    HTML Lists

    HTML Tables


    Section 2 : CSS3 + HTML5 section covers the following topics:

    Three Ways to Insert CSS

    – External CSS

    – Internal CSS

    – Inline CSS

    HTML id Attribute

    HTML class Attribute

    HTML Block and Inline Elements

    CSS Margins, Borders and Padding

    The position Property

    – relative

    – absolute

    Section 3 : CSS Flexbox section covers the following topics:

    Flex container properties align-items

    Flex container properties justify-content

    Flex container properties flex-wrap

    CSS Flex Items

    Section 4 : Project section covers the following topics:

    You will learn to build responsive web pages using HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox and

    CSS Media Queries.

    How to deploy website.

    How to add domain to your website.

    Section 5 : JavaScript section covers the following topics:

    JavaScript Variables

    JavaScript Arithmetic Operators

    JavaScript Data Types

    JavaScript Strings

    JavaScript Numbers

    JavaScript Arrays

    JavaScript Objects

    JavaScript Assignment Operators

    JavaScript If…Else Statements

    JavaScript Loops

    Who this course is for:

    • Beginner web developer. ( HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript )

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