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    Web Applications Step by Step Guide Part 4

    Use a trusted browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer/Edge for making online transaction.
    Have a good antivirus software installed in your computer.
    1. What is the meaning of Online Transactions?

    2. What are the three steps which are involved in the online transaction process?

    3. Is it true that online transactions can be conducted using various devices?

    4. What are the various features of online transactions?

    5. Do you agree that there is reduced role of human in the online transactions process?

    6. Is it possible to cancel an online transaction after the payment has been made?

    7. Why does a transaction fail while doing on online payment?

    8. What are the various benefits of online transactions?

    9. Is it correct that in the case of online transaction, there is absence of delays in payments?

    10. What are the various disadvantages of online transactions?

    11. What are the various safety tips which should follow while doing online transactions?

    12. How can we make passwords stronger which are difficult to hack?

    13. Why it is advised that we should not use public computers for online transactions?

    14. What is the benefit of installing good antivirus software?

    15. How can we normally find that the particular site is secure or not?

    16. What is the importance of using secure passwords in online transactions?

    17. What is the meaning of online shopping?

    18. What are the various payments options available in the case of online shopping?

    19. What are the various benefits of online shopping?

    20. What are the various disadvantages of online shopping?

    21. What do you understand by OTP?

    22. What are the various steps which we have to follow to purchase goods on Flipkart?

    23. How can we create our account with Flipkart?

    24. What is the full form of IRCTC?

    25. How can we book ticket on IRCTC portal?

    26. How we get the ticket when the ticket is booked online?

    27. Why the online transactions are becoming increasingly common?

    Who this course is for:
    Students who are interested in learning about web applications

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