100% Discount || Video Editing Mastery With Camtasia In Hindi/Urdu 2022

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    Video Editing Mastery With Camtasia In Hindi/Urdu 2022


    • Laptop
    • Microphone
    • Camtasia (Any Version)
    • Can understand HINDI/URDU


    Do you want to learn Camtasia to edit your videos like a pro and produce professional videos for your courses or a youtube channel or social media. (All my Udemy courses are edited on this software & I am showing how I do it)

    I have recorded/edited thousands of hours of videos in Camtasia and you will learn from my experience where you only need to spend only 2 hours of your life to master this software. Topics include:

    1. Camtasia Intro And Essential Components
    2. Screen Recording Dimensions And Best Audio Settings
    3. Quick Editing Using Essential All Tools (Split, slicing, transitions, annotations, animation, behavior)
    4. Essential Project Settings. (Project/ canvas settings, scalings)
    5. Fixing Audio Using Tools. (Mixing, noise removal, in/out fading, best audio settings)
    6. Adjusting And Mixing Background Tracks Like Pro
    7. Using Jumpcuts, Clip Speed, And Audio Editing.
    8. Voice Narration Dubbing And Audio Levels.
    9. Using Interactive Animations.(Zoom, Pan)
    10. Recap Of Things You Learned 
    11. Recording Camtasia With Loom
    12. My Editing Style And Content Planning Strategy
    13. Finalizing Your Video Into Parts And Best Export Setting
    14. Improving Exported Videos Using Blur Tool Effectively
    15. Content Branding And Effects To Make Videos Look Professional
    16. Final Touches

    Who this course is for anyone who simply wants : 

    Learn Video Editing ~ Effectively use Camtasia (Any Version) ~ Make a career in Video Editing

    Enroll now If you are looking for comprehensive training on video editing!

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone who wants to learn Video Editing
    • Anyone who wants to learn Camtasia
    • Make a career in Video Editing

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