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    Use Would in English


    • Basic sentence knowledge other than would
    • Grammar to understand example sentences
    • Vocabulary to understand example sentences


    One of the difficulties of English learners is to understand ‘would’ clearly.

    Understanding ‘would’ is a challenge and be able to use it in a sentence is another challenge, isn’t it?

    No matter how many times I attempted to understand ‘would’ either by looking up the dictionaries or the grammar books, none of them made any difference and I ended up not to understand it.

    Curious thing is that I came across would quite often and it was literally driving me crazy because I was not able to discover the hidden secret behind it.

    So, finally I managed to uncover the meaning of ‘would’ and I made this course to make it easier for other people who is willing to understand it.

    If you have a difficulty in understanding would, like I had in the past, and want to know about it and get rid of it by pushing it out of the way.

    In this course you will find detailed explanations about the possible meanings of ‘would’ with many examples from real life. To illustrate the meaning clearly I used examples from songs and from news on the internet.

    I hope this course will help you understand the meaning of ‘would’ clearly.

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone who wants to know about would

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