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    Understand Trauma, Reclaim Your Life


    • This course is perfect for beginners


    Welcome to this course to help you understand trauma and its potential impact on your life.

    Trauma is part of the human experience, but it’s not supposed to stay in your body and cause you distress. Over the years, the brain has been trained to hold on to such memories, even when they seem stressful, overwhelming and hinder your personal development and growth.

    Inside this course, you have access to two amazing instructors who have carefully crafted their skills to empower you to begin the process of understanding your trauma so you may live your best life.

    When you are armed with knowledge, awareness and understanding, you can change your world.

    By accessing this course, you are choosing to absorb knowledge and embrace a new future for yourself and those around you. By doing the work in this course, you are a change-maker who could be capable of having a positive impact on others.

    We understand that the thought of change can be exciting, scary and overwhelming.

    Your instructors for this course, Vicki Chisholm and Sarah Cannata, are both passionate about helping people to understand trauma. We can’t wait to welcome you to this course and support you.

    Please utilise the Q&A section as much as possible. The more support you ask for, the more we can help you get unstuck!

    See you on the inside,

    Vicki and Sarah

    Who this course is for:

    • People with lived experience of trauma

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