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    ultimate Python For Ethical Hacking Arabic Level 1


    • PC
    • Internet


      تنبية مهم جداا : جميع ما ورد فى الكورس هو من أجل العلم وبغرض تعليمى بحت لذلك عليك استخدامه فى الخير

    يجب عليك البحث دائما والتطوير من مهاراتك بجانب ما تتعلمة ولا يوجد كورس او دورة فى العالم قد تعطيك كل شي بل بالبحث المستمر تسطتيع تطوير مهاراتك

    القسم الاول:


    • Python important Basics
    • Python OOP

    القسم الثانى :

    Neatwork Security Libraries

    • socket
    • paramiko
    • ftplib
    • python-nmap
    • requests
    • urllib.request

    القسم الثالث:

    bug bounty

    • Subdomain enumeration
    • Directory Fuzzing
    • domain availability check

    القسم الرايع:


    • Hash
    • RSA
    • AES
    • En/Decryption

    Python is high-level language, object-oriented interpreted programming language. It was created by Guido van Rossum during 1985-1990. Python source code is available under GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

    Python is a must and very much useful for students and working professionals to become a software engineer. Python is a language that can be used in most domains nowadays. Python is object-oriented so doing encapsulation will be very much useful. Python is interpreted language, hence compiling before fore ore executing is not required and it can be executed directly. It can also be used as the scripting language. It has an auto garbage collection feature.

    • Python is easy to learn
    • It has interactive mode
    • It is portable means it can run on wide range of hardware devices
    • Python supports GUI (Graphical User Interface) application to that can be transfer to many windows systems
    • For cybersecurity python can be used in various things like making tool, writing scripts, etc

    Who this course is for:

    • Cyber Security engineers
    • Cyber Security researcher
    • Red Team and Blue Team

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