100% Discount || Twinmotion 2022: Real-time 3D Visualization for Architecture

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    Twinmotion 2022: Real-time 3D Visualization for Architecture


    • You do NOT need any knowledge or previous experience with Twinmotion.
    • You must have at least a basic architecture knowledge.
    • Twinmotion installed on your computer.
    • The tutorials were developed on Twinmotion 2022. It’s recommended to use the same version or a newer one to be able to open the resource files.


    You are not happy with your Architectural 3D Presentations or haven’t even started yet? Be one of the first and learn Twinmotion with the AGA Studio experience here!

    I will show you step by step how to produce images, panoramas, standard VR or 360° and high-quality images in seconds! For professional architecture, construction, urban planning and landscaping, Twinmotion combines an intuitive icon-driven interface with the power of the Unreal Engine. We do all this on the computer together. All you need is your laptop and the software installed on it. You will learn skills and knowledge that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

    Twinmotion is one of the most used softwares for 3D animation in videos, rendered images, panorama and virtual reality. In this course we go directly to the point for architects, using this powerful software to make 3D architectural presentations.

    The video lessons are divided into 8 sections, where you’ll learn the interface and navigation of the software. You will see how to apply materials, insert vegetation and treat the landscape, furniture placement, library objects, lighting effects, insertion of people and vehicles, urban context and path, rendered images and video presentation.

    My studio, AGA – Alexandre Gonçalves Architecture, has been successful with international experiences since 2016. This Twinmotion training will be a life-changing in your architect/designer career.

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone who wants to learn how to make realistic presentations on Twinmotion.
    • Employees who want to start a side business and become self-employed.

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