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    The Eight Crafts of Writing: The Map of Storytelling


    • No writing skills or experiences required


    Jane is an aspiring writer, who, like everyone else before her, parachutes straight into the writing jungle. And, like everybody else, she find herself hung up on a tree with her parachute. The tree is the writing skill How to Write in Limited POV. She looks around and notices a hundred more trees from which other aspiring writers are dangling. She cuts the parachute lines, drops to the ground, makes a somersault forward, and jumps to her feet. Around her, writers of all ages are cutting paths through the jungle. Jane can see just ten meters into the thicket. She is desperate for a map and a navigation system.

    “Help,” she calls.

    Well-meant answers arrive from all directions. ”Create an interesting character and give her a great goal.”

    “Write what you want to read.”

    “Create a sense of wonder.”

    “The more conflict, the better.”

    “Don’t write to get published, grab the reader.”

    “Be captivating. Or memorable.”

    “Keep the reader turning pages.”

    “Be unpredictable and keep the reader curious.”

    Five years later, Jane is still cutting her way through the writing wilderness. She has hugged countless writing skill trees, sun-tanned at the romance beach, ascended the suspense mountain, and hiked the Hero’s Journey track. But the storytelling jungle remains unchartered land. What else is out there? She still hopes for a map and navigation system.

    Who this course is for:

    • The Eight Crafts of Writing course is great for aspiring writers and writers who are a few years into their writing journey but got lost in the weeds – as it happened to the author.

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