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    The Complete Personal Development Course – 22 Courses in 1


    • No experience required
    • Suitable for everyone!


    *Update – A 50-Questions Master Quiz has been added! 🙂

    If You Only Buy ONE Course This Year … It GOT To Be This One!

    With over 54 hours of video content, 283 lectures, downloadable resources and bonuses – this is one of the most comprehensive personal development courses available!

    You’ll also get access to:

    • Lifetime Access to course updates
    • Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section
    • Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

    To make sure you find the information you are looking for the easiest, we have divided our Masterclass to 22 main sections:

    1. Psychology – Why People Do The Things They Do

    In this section, you are going to:

    • Gain A Deep Understanding Of The Values And Beliefs That Drive People’s Every Action
    • Release Yourself From Emotional Pain And Frustration By Discovering How Emotions Really Work And How You Can Gain Greater Mastery
    • Breakthrough Personal Illusions And Unleash Your Hidden Potential
    • Gain Hidden Knowledge Of What Drives Motivation – The Master Key To Success
    • Discover How The “Imprint Period” Has Literally Programmed You For Life … And How To Reprogram It
    • Discover How Pain & Pleasure Rule Your Life … And The Secret Of How To Make This Work For You Instead Of Against You
    • See How False Personas Drive The Habits And Behaviors Of Yourself And Others … Take Back Control And Free Yourself
    • Learn How Self-Image Determines What You Will And Won’t Do

    2. Persuasion Strategies

    In this section, you are going to:

    • Mastery Of The 6 Major Skills Of Persuasion
    • Ability To Spot When Persuasion Is Being Used On YOU!
    • Powerful Ways To Get Your Ideas Across
    • Vastly Improved Communication Skills
    • Powerful Selling Skills
    • Be More Likeable & Trustworthy In The Eyes Of Others
    • Powerful Ability To Motivate Others!
    • Exceptional Rapport Skills

    3. Communication Skills

    In this section, you are going to:

    • Learn to Connect Faster With Other People
    • Boost “Likeablility”
    • Have Deeper Relationships with Others
    • Be Heard More By Others
    • Be More Influential
    • Be More Successful At Work & Home
    • Improve Relationships
    • Be Better Able To Get Your Needs Met
    • Create Closeness & Understanding
    • Achieve Your Goals Faster

    4. REBT – Reprogram Your Mind!

    In this section, you are going to:

    • Learn the Science of How to Program Your Mind
    • Banish Negative Self-Talk
    • Eliminate False Beliefs That Hold You Back!
    • Gain a Deeper Understanding of WHY People Do the Things They Do
    • Great for Dealing with Anxiety, Depression, Addiction & Other Mental Challenges
    • Remove OLD Pain & Limiting Beliefs
    • Program your Mind For Massive Success & Confidence
    • Master Difficult Emotions!
    • Remove Negative Habits & Install Positive Habits!

    5. NLP – Duplicate Excellence

    In this section, you are going to:

    • Gain A Rich Understanding of NLP – How It Works & How to Apply it!
    • Learn the Science of How to Duplicate The “Talents” of Others in Yourself – Fast!
    • Gain FAR Greater Emotional Control & Mastery
    • Develop Positive Self-Esteem and Powerful Confidence
    • Learn how to Develop Powerful New Skills & Habits Fast & Easy!
    • Gain Amazing Insights Into How Your Mind Works

    6. ZEN Teachings

    In this section, you are going to:

    • Gain A Basic and Advanced Understanding of Zen Principles
    • Learn Life-Changing New Ideas & Philosophies
    • Gain a New Perspective on The World
    • Understand WHY People Do The Things They Do & Are The Way They Are
    • Gain Relief from Mental Suffering
    • Remove OLD Pain & Limiting Beliefs
    • Gain a Deeper Understanding of Yourself
    • Learn Ancient Coping Skills
    • Explore New Ways Of Seeing & Being In The World
    • Learn Deep Psychological Insights That Will Give You An Unfair Advantage In Life
    • Discover How To Break Free And Heal Yourself
    • Learn The Tools of Peace & Serenity

    7. Time Management

    In this section, you are going to:

    • Learn to Have More Time
    • Lower Stress
    • Boost Productivity
    • Make More Money
    • Get Promoted Faster
    • Improve Your Business
    • Get YEARS of Your Life Back

    8. Leadership

    In this section, you are going to:

    • Learn The Hidden Secrets Of Transformational Leadership NOT Taught Elsewhere
    • Cutting-edge Leadership & Persuasion Strategies of Top Leaders
    • How To Deal With Staff Issues Quickly & Easily
    • Secrets Of How REAL Leaders Succeed
    • Eliminate Old Lies & Misperceptions About Leading
    • The REAL Way to Rise Above Other Leaders
    • Gain New Empowering & Effective Beliefs & Values
    • Secret Strategies To Get the MOST Out Of Your Team
    • Secrets of The World’s BEST Leaders
    • & Much, Much More!

    9. Networking Skills

    In this section, you are going to:

    • Learn Powerful Networking Tools & Strategies – Unique!
    • Learn How the Law Of Reciprocity Can Work For You
    • Learn the Power of the “Likeability Factor”
    • Hot / Targeted Places to Network
    • Best Online Networking Strategies For Success
    • Mentors – The Power To Transform Your Life!

    10. Motivation

    In this section, you are going to:

    • You will have greater skills in Motivating yourself and others.
    • You will greatly improve your ability to get things done and tasks will be easier to complete!
    • You will greatly improve your ability have a positive influence on others.
    • You will have a greater understanding of yourself & others
    • You will have an unfair advantage in life and in your career!


    Who this course is for:

    • People Who Want More Control Over Themselves & Their Lives
    • People Who Want to Boost Their Self-esteem
    • People Who Want Freedom From Old Pain & Hurts
    • People Who Want to Understand Themselves & Others Better
    • People Who Want MORE Out Of Life!

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