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    The A, B, C of a great customer segmentation


    • No additional experience needed. You will learn everything throughout the course. Later on, it will come handy if you have a DBM (database manager) in your company.


    Hello and welcome to the online course Customer segmentation – a great sales tool, or as I like to call it, a great sales weapon. The education system is organized in a way that you access various chapters and topics by viewing video content, additionally you consolidate your knowledge with questions and quizzes, and you can further delve into the content with the accompanying texts. Systematic, practical and very useful.

    In this course we will deal with customer segmentation, which is an unfortunately all too often neglected topic. We will be talking about labelling your customers and by that I don’t mean the prejudiced labelling but systematically and analytically arranging our clients in adequate “compartments” and sticking the right labels on them.

    This helps you know exactly where someone is “located”, what is happening to them and how you will adapt our future cooperation. You know how annoying it can be to have someone send you an impersonal email where your name just isn’t right or is misspelled, and they have no idea what you’ve already bought from them. Off putting, right? I believe that you want the opposite so that your customers will remember you in a positive manner.

    Let us see what this course has to offer and which topics we are going to address.

    • In the first video, we’ll start with the concept of segmentation, and we’ll look at certain challenges as well.
    • Then we will deal with the first letters of the alphabet, namely we will learn about A, B, C model of segmentation.
    • Later on we will define the criteria, basic and advanced, that we need to set to make it work and look at how to deal with the segmentation process.
    • We will delve into practical examples and create an excel sheet that will serve as the basis for your work.
    • We will come to the realization of how important segmentation is and what parts of your company it affects. Let me just highlight motivationplanning, revenue stream and user experience.
    • In the end, we won’t forget to point out a few tips and tricks and the importance of great interaction between sales and marketing.

    You will be astonished how important customer segmentation is and how many positive effects it has. Therefore, I invite you to embark on this segmentation journey with me so you will be able to roll up your sleeves as soon as possible and start arranging your clients and compartments.

    If you’ll need me for any advice or any kind of help, I am at your disposal, and I’ll be happy to respond. Let me thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart for taking part in this course and I hope you’ll be satisfied.

    Who this course is for:

    • Sales representatives and also sales leaders/managers, marketing support, data analysts, project managers.

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