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    Teaching ESL. Proven Methodology for Teaching Conversation.


    • You only need the desire to grow your ESL business by making your students happy, by getting them talking.
    • As the Course is conducted in English, your English proficiency level should be intermediate or higher.


    Conversation. Is there anything more important to someone who is learning a new language? To make your students happy, we need to get them talking.

    In this course, Rick Thachuk, a veteran teacher and the founder of the English Language School, the Online Canadian Academy, will show you a proven methodology that will do just that. The methodology is:

    (1) Designed for beginner-level students,

    (2) Appropriate for ages adolescents to adults, and

    (3) Tested and proven in the classroom over years of practical use.

    Rick will:

    (1) Explain the methodology in general,

    (2) Provide concrete and detailed examples of using the methodology in practice for the conversational topics: Greeting People, Ordering a Pizza, Giving Directions and Scheduling a Meeting,

    (3) Provide, for each example, material that you can import directly into your own lesson plans,

    (4) Share with you tips that he learned over years of teaching this methodology,

    (5) Suggest ways that the conversations taught in this course can be used to reinforce other material taught in your class, and

    (6) Answer any questions about the course via email up to 60 days after course purchase.

    Moreover, after watching this course, you’ll be able to create new lesson plans using this methodology for a variety of conversational topics of your choice.

    Whether you are already teaching ESL, or thinking about starting your own freelance English language teaching business, this course is for you. You don’t need any experience; only the desire to grow your business by making your students happy, by getting them talking.

    Rick has been a teacher for over 25 years and he also trains English-speaking individuals who want to become freelance ESL teachers. He established the Online Canadian Academy while living in Brazil. Within Brazil, he is ranked in the top 1% of over 9,000 private sector English teachers listed on the site, Profes, and according to an industry survey conducted in December of 2021, he holds the distinction of being the highest paid, private sector English teacher in the country.

    Who this course is for:

    • Whether you currently are an ESL teacher or thinking of becoming one, this Course is for you.
    • The methodology is designed for students, adolescents to adults, at the basic level of English proficiency.
    • The methodology can be used for a group of students or just a one-on-one (teacher-student) class.

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