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    Tarot Reading Without Being Psychic!


    • I recommend you get yourself a deck of Tarot cards, preferably The Rider/Waite Tarot, before starting the course. Free resources and links to where to get a deck will be provided as well.


    Have you ever wondered how Tarot card readers do it?  It’s not as difficult as you would think and the best part, is that you DO NOT need to be psychic to do Tarot readings!  In this course I give you a unique perspective on Tarot using the Mythic Tarot deck.  I show you what the cards mean, how to read them, and how to do Tarot readings, all without being psychic.  

    This course includes video lessons, articles, links, downloads, and your very own copy of my cheat sheets, to help you with your Tarot journey.  This course is for beginners, skeptics, and anyone interested in learning to read Tarot Cards.  Tarot is a great way to get answers to questions, or just a new perspective on a situation.  Do Tarot readings for yourself, friends and family.  It is fun, but also a great way to get a deeper meaning to something, or to uncover truths.  The Rider/Waite deck is the original Tarot deck and is very well known. Enjoy the course and good luck on your Tarot journey.

    What You Will Learn

    1. Learn how to read the Tarot cards for yourself or others, without having to be psychic.

    2. Learn how to properly take care of your Tarot cards.

    3. Learn the history of Tarot.

    4. Learn information on all 78 Tarot cards, including possible meanings.

    5. Learn how to do several different Tarot spreads.

    6. Learn how intuition works, including the four clairs.

    7. Gain a unique perspective on Tarot readings.

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone who is curious about how to do Tarot readings.
    • Anyone who is interested in a unique perspective on Tarot.
    • Skeptics

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