100% Discount || SQL & SQLite – Your Pirate Adventure with Shady Deals & Rum!

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    SQL & SQLite – Your Pirate Adventure with Shady Deals & Rum!

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    Welcome to SQisLand where a SQL Pirate Adventure awaits you!

    Learn SQL while making short work of criminals with the Governor, helping the Lieutenant Commander to find convicted inmates and making a deal with the shady Padre Luigi. Ending in the ultimate construction of a sugar plantation with attached rum distillery!

    You are going to be a SQL-Pirate and unlock the treasures of SQL! Yarr har fiddle dee dee, Do what you want cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!

    This course teaches you about:

    Why learn SQL?, Who should learn SQL?, Difference of Lightweight and Centralized Databases, Choose a suitable Database Solution, Database Design, Relational Databases,

    Filtering Records, Advanced Query Modifiers, Grouping Records, Sorting Records,

    Aggregating Records, Filtering on already aggregated Records, Table Design, SQLite Studio

    In this course you will live through the following adventures:

    Start as a pirate candidate on your way to SQisLand

    Uncover a riot on your ship on your way

    Become a full SQL Pirate

    Being captain of your own ship and crew

    Discover the 7 tables of the world

    Help the scattered Governor of OL’Tables, a little harbor city, to hunt down criminals
    Help the scattered Governor of OL’Tables with his proclamation

    Help the Lieutenant Commander of Fort Encargo to find convicted inmates in an overcrowded jail and meet the one or other famous pirate (LeChuck, Guybrush, Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow)

    Help the Lieutenant Commander of Fort Encargo to find famous pirates in his prison (LeChuck, Guybrush, Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow)

    Help the padre Luigi of Cloister Consilio to make shady deals and flip yourself a coin easily and meet even more famous pirates (LeChuck, Guybrush, Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow)

    Use Padre Luigi to get yourself a nice cut-off from a payout deal

    Make shady deals with the Luigi when emptying his rum Hideout

    Find all criminals with the help of Lieutenant Commander and Padre Luigi and create a series of the XXX-Files

    Build up your own sugar plantation in Fuente el Vamos and run it successfully

    Build up your own rum distillery in Puerto de Graduacion and run it successfully

    Ultimately create and run your own Rum Business!

    This course teaches you following techniques & commands

    SQL & SQLite, The SQL Query Pattern, Simple & Complex SQL Queries, Primary & Foreign Keys, SELECT Command, WHERE Command, AND, OR, IN Statements, CASE Command, JOIN Command, UNION Command, HAVING Command, ORDER BY Command, DROP Command, CREATE Command, INSERT Command, UPDATE Command, DELETE Command, SQL Views

    Follow me on Instagram: Arnold.code ; Read my coding articles/tutorials on Medium: arnoldcode

    Who this course is for:

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