100% Discount || SOLIDWORKS Beginner to Intermediate Level and Sheet Metal

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    SOLIDWORKS Beginner to Intermediate Level and Sheet Metal


    • You need to have the SolidWorks software only on your PC or use the Online 2021 version on SolidWorks website.


    This Course will help you to Learn the Basic Properties of any 2D Sketch and you will Learn :

    1 – How to Draw Basic 2D Sketches like a Circle , Rectangle and Triangle.

    2 –  How to Put Dimensions on any 2D Sketch and Edit it easily.

    3 – How to Change the Unit system of the Sketch.

    4 – The Relations that you can create Between Sketches : Coincident , Mid Point , Symmetric , Vertical ,,,etc.

    5 – Learn Basic Properties like Sketch Fillet , Trim entity , Offset entity , Mirror entity ,,,etc.

    6 – You will Learn how to convert your 2D Sketch to a 3D Model.

    7- Learn how to draw some 3D Models and Apply what you learn.

    8-Learn Some Basics of Sheet Metal .

    9- Learn to Master SOLIDWORKS to the Associate Certification Level Even if You are a Complete Beginner

    – The Course will Be Helpful for any one that Doesn’t have any Experience in how to use SolidWorks Program .

    -It will Give the Student a Solid Foundation in SolidWorks Knowledge .

    -You will learn many Properties and how to apply all of properties in real world.

    -Finally you will Learn How to Make a 3D Model when you have any 2D Sketch Like Convert a Rectangle (2D Sketch) to a Cube.

    -Also if it’s Difficult for the Student to Download SolidWorks Software , you could Work easily on the ONLINE SolidWorks 2021 Version that’s Existed on the SolidWorks Website and available for anyone want to work with SolidWorks Features.

    -After this Course you will Be able to draw any 2D Sketch you want like a Circle or Triangle and you will be able to use important Properties like the Fillet Properties by Witch you can Smoothen any Sharp Edge in the Triangle.

    Who this course is for:

    • This Course for any Beginner student who interested in learning the Basics of Drawing a 2D Sketch by SolidWorks.

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