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    Software Engineering: Coding interview + Daily Engineering

    Working in or planning to work in software industry
    Not looking for a job urgently

    The course is for people who want to uplevel their engineering skills and search for better opportunities without burning out.

    Interviews are becoming more time-consuming as the software industry gathers pace. In addition, new trends keep getting introduced, leaving candidates exhausted to keep up.

    The course recommends a more systematic knowledge-driven framework over a burst coding mode in browsers.

    Course Structure

    Section 1: Necessity for an alternative approach inclined towards career growth instead of instant gratification.

    Section 2: Foundation Phase (12- 9 months)

    The gathering phase. Identify the possible sources for the relevant information.

    Section 3: Reinforcement Phase (9 – 6 months)

    The sorting phase. Organize the resources based on the refined needs of the job search.

    Section 4: Convergence Phase (6 -3 months)

    Drill down further to identify only the necessary information.

    Section 5: End game (3-0 months)

    Execute with a clear plan built on all the gathered information.

    Section 6: Conclusion

    Key Takeaways:

    The idea is simple, prepare at your pace throughout the year and apply only when ready to invest 8 weeks for the potential employers.

    Maximize the learnings to capitalize on the current workplace or the new one!

    What doesn’t the course offer?

    The course does not talk about compensation and HR interview handling

    The course does not talk about the behavioral interview and dress code etc.

    The course does not explicitly target FAANG/MAANG.

    The course does not deal with urgent career change situations like a layoff, reaction to a bad performance review, etc.

    Who this course is for:
    Professionals planning to make a career transistion
    Professionals in cooling off period of their desired comapnies
    Software professionals from emerging countires try to crack interviews of MNCs like FAANG
    Recent graduates trying to understand the interview process
    People looking to rejoin the industry after a break

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