100% Discount || Sewing Pattern: Selvedge Jeans—The Holy Grail of Jeans

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    Sewing Pattern: Selvedge Jeans—The Holy Grail of Jeans

    No flat patternmaking experience required
    No sewing experience required
    Learn how to make the ultimate sewing pattern for selvedge jeans. This is by far the most requested pattern for my jeans sewing course and now it is here! Learn flat patternmaking at your own pace, with me guiding you along the way until you master the selvedge jeans flat patternmaking. The one and only; the holy grail of jeans—the selvedge jeans pattern.

    I am Fred Deocariza and I make jeans. In different ways.

    I have grown wearing jeans since I started learning how to say the word “jeans”. I am in love with it. I was so in love that I started learning how to make one. When I learned how to make jeans or custom selvedge jeans, I started experimenting with its design like creating pants with a pocket so big it can carry laptops (yes, with an “s”). I even made chicken drumsticks cargo pants with 6 pockets. Just imagine a chicken drumstick and that’s how it would look. I just can’t stop making them. If those pants were my kids I would have fathered hundreds of kids or maybe a thousand. I am so into jeans that I want to share my appreciation for jeans by sharing it.

    Who this course is for:
    This is a straightforward course for people who want to learn how to make selvedge jeans pattern

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