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    Secrets of Successful Negotiation: Contract, Salaries & more


    • A desire to learn how to negotiate


    This negotiation masterclass is designed to teach individuals the skills and strategies needed to effectively negotiate in a variety of settings. The class will cover topics such as identifying and prioritizing one’s own interests as well as those of the other party, developing persuasive arguments, and using effective communication and listening techniques.

    Your experienced teacher will guide you through the entire negotiation process, starting with preparation and planning, and moving on to communication skills, problem-solving techniques, pricing strategies, and more.

    In addition to the practical skills, participants will also learn about the psychology of negotiation and how to effectively manage emotions and behaviors to achieve the best possible outcome.

    By the end of the masterclass, participants will have the knowledge and confidence to approach any negotiation with a clear strategy and a positive mindset.

    Ultimately, the goal of this negotiation masterclass is to equip individuals with the tools and confidence they need to achieve success in any financial situations in both their personal and professional lives.

    In this course we’ll cover the following:

    • The different phases of every negotiation
    • The three (3) different personalities you’ll meet in any negotiation, and how to adjust your strategy to meet them
    • How to properly plan for every phase of a negotiation, including your immediate next steps
    • Eight (8) proven Negotiation Tactics to win in any situation
    • Four (4) Winning Pricing Strategies to get the other party to whatever number you need
    • How to Stay On Track and not lose sight of why you started in the negotiation in the first place

    What you’ll get with your purchase:

    • 2.5 Hours of On-Demand Content
    • 3 Multiple Choice Quizzes
    • A Downloadable “Negotiation Cheat Sheet” and “Practice Checklist” PDF
    • Additional links & resources
    • 24/7 Access on Mobile & Desktop

    The Top 1% Know to how to Negotiate

    Open any major business publication such as Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, and more, and you’ll find countless articles talking about negotiation. From workplace salary negotiations, to real estate deals, major company mergers, and more.

    These successful millionaires and billionaires are using the same strategies and techniques we cover in this Negotiation Masterclass to drive their business and careers forward, making them extremely wealthy in the process.

    You simply can’t afford to be left behind. Sign up to learn these valuable skills today.

    Who this course is for:

    • Working professionals looking to increase their pay
    • Sellers and Account Executives who want to close more deals
    • Entrepreneurs looking for new ways to grow their business

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