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    Renewable Energy Technology: Green & Sustainable Development


    • Curious to learn
    • No prior knowledge needed
    • Basic science knowledge is desirable


    This course focuses on renewable energy and sustainable development. Ideal for those seeking to get involved in green energy, environmental policy and legislation. This course about renewable energy will help you to discover useful knowledge and facts that you really need as a learner. If you desire to know about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, their basic principle and, pros and cons then welcome to this course. You can understand all the basic concepts and techniques associated with this energy technology.

    In this class, current and future will be discussed in detail. Types of the energy sources and energy storage problem will be discussed in details.

    The class is comprised of video lectures where I give explanation about interesting facts of the renewable energy and the energy storage technologies. This course is skillfully targeted in such a way that with each approaching subdivision you go deeper and deeper into broad knowledge. This class is properly appropriate for the students who are fresh to this domain. If you are already advanced in this field then you can skip some of the early lectures and go into more advanced segments of the course. Therefore, join the class and advance your knowledge on the renewable energy technology that will drive the world.

    This course is subject to added growth and development; numerous further lectures and resources will be constantly added with the newest facts to get superior understanding about the topic.

    Who this course is for:

    • General public
    • College/University students
    • Researchers/environmentalists
    • Keen to grow up their profession in the Renewable Energy
    • Researcher, scientists, student, and engineers interested in green energy technology
    • Students that are curious about the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy
    • People with a general background in science or engineering
    • Everybody with a desire to study
    • Students who are willing to learn about the current and future of the energy industry

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