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    React Native Navigation

    Familiarity with React
    Internet connection
    The React Native Complete Navigation Course will let learn several different types of navigation options by building in a React Native App.

    Navigation through pages is a corner stone of Web Applications and Mobile Applications for the same reason.

    In this course we will learn how to make use of different types of navigations like Drawer Navigation, Bottom Tab Navigation, Material Top Tab Navigation, Stack Navigation and to navigate to a single screen dynamically with Route Parameters.

    We will also learn how to nest 2 different kinds of Navigators in each other.

    We will build and see how menus and navigation works both on Android and IOS platforms.

    By the end of this course you will have a deep understanding how navigation works in React Native.

    React Native is javascript framework that allows us to build cross-platform application both for iOS and Android and also for Web. This framework allied with Expo offers us several out of the box methods to build Mobile application for any case that we want.

    React Navigation is third party library that we can make use to navigate between screens in our app by a gesture like press, long press or swipe, or by an action method that will run in our code.

    In this course we will use React Navigation version 5.x so you should be able to follow using the latest version of this library.

    This course will also be updated regularly, either with new content or updates to code itself.


    Over 2.5 hours of content.

    Learn to navigate through your React Native Application with React Navigation 5.x.

    Drawer Navigation.

    Bottom Tab Navigation.

    Material Top Tab Navigation.

    Stack Navigation.

    Nested Navigators

    And navigate through Route Parameters.

    Who this course is for:
    Beginners that want to keep learning React Native
    Developers that want to add new feature to their React Native app

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