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    QML for Beginners with Qt 5

    Qt Core
    C++ Beginners
    Qt 5
    Write once, build anywhere – Qt runs on virtually anything. You probably have applications built with Qt running on your computer, smart phone, television, and other electronics.

    No experience with QML necessary, this is a beginners course that will teach you the foundations QML cross platform development. QML runs anywhere from desktops (windows, mac, linux) to cellphone, and embedded devices.

    We will start with a short introduction to QML, and then rapidly move on to more complex topics such as layouts, properties and animations.

    This course is specifically designed for Qt 5 with the QML beginner in mind. These videos take you from knowing nothing about QML to creating intermediate level applications using QML, JavaScript and C++. These videos build on the popular Qt Core series available on Udemy. These videos show many best practices and how to overcome common mistakes. About the author: Bryan has created hundreds of Qt tutorials available on YouTube and has created official Qt training videos for the Qt Company. Full source code available on GitHub, and runs a Facebook community with thousands of developers that can offer free help 24×7.

    Highly recommended that you have a strong foundation in Qt Core before attempting this course – fear not, I have other courses available on Udemy:

    Qt 5 Core Beginners

    Qt 5 Core Intermediate

    Qt 5 Core Advanced

    Who this course is for:
    Anyone wanting to learn the basics of QML using Qt 5
    Students continuing from Qt Core

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