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    Pros and Cons of MNCs : A Comparative Study

    Before taking this course, the learners should have basic computer skills to access the online course. They should also have interest in the topic of MNCs so as to learn about their benefits and limitations.
    1. What is the meaning of MNC? Write names of some MNCs.

    2. MNC is known by various names. Which are those names?

    3. Why Multinational corporations are gigantic corporations?

    4. What is meant by home country?

    5. What is the meaning of host country?

    6. What is the main aim of a Multinational corporation?

    7. Why MNCs are able to survive under all circumstances?

    8. Why Multi national companies pay special attention to the quality of its products?

    9. Which type of marketing strategy is used by MNCs- aggressive or friendly?

    10. How do Multinational companies operate in host countries?

    11. How do MNCs go on increasing their economic power in host countries?

    12. Which type of control is exercised by a Global Enterprise over its branches and subsidiaries situated in many countries?

    13. Where is the head office of Multinational company located?

    14. How Multinational companies improve the balance of payment position of host country?

    15. How does the entry of MNCs results in the end of local monopoly?

    16. How do multinational corporations help local producers or domestic industries?

    17. How do the MNCs help to improve the standard of living of people of host countries?

    18. Why MNCs can easily dominate the market in host country?

    19. How do MNCs pose danger to domestic industries ?

    20. How some actions of MNCs can cause uncertainty of jobs in the host country?

    21. What is meant by repatriation of profits?

    22. Whether MNCs always take steps for the welfare of the people or the well-being of the environment?

    23. What is generally the stand of MNCs in case of environmental issues of host country?

    24. How do multinational companies tend to promote foreign culture in host country?

    25. How MNCs can pressurize the government in host country?

    26. How multinational companies can create monopolistic conditions in host country?

    27. Why there is an urgent need for controlling the activities of multinational companies?

    28. How the government in the host country can regulate the activities of Multinational Corporations?

    29. How all the nations can control the MNCs?

    30. In which form some countries provide incentives to Multinational companies?

    31. Why companies across the globe find it hard to ignore India?

    32. Why some MNCs have left India or reduced their operations in India?

    33. Whether Government of India is responsible for the exit some multinational companies from India?

    34. How can the Government of India attract MNCs to invest in India?

    35. Why Indian market is very price sensitive?

    36. Whether MNCs are playing a good role in economic, industrial and technological development of India?

    37. Whether multinational corporations also face some risks?

    38. Why do MNCs flourish in countries such as India?

    39. Why do people prefer to work at multinational companies?

    40. Whether MNCs can influence the government of the host country?

    41. Why a Company wants to become a Multinational Company?

    42. What makes a Corporation Multinational?

    43. What are the factors which motivate MNC to do business operations in a particular country?

    44. MNCs are run by professionals. Give your comments.

    Who this course is for:
    Students who have an interest in the topic of Multinational Companies

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