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    Project Management Fundamentals: A Beginner’s Guide


    • No prior experience is required. We start with the basics. This course is designed for beginners who have little to no experience in project management
    • Having a project in mind would be helpful


    Project management is an exciting field to work in. As a project manager, you have the power to drive the success of your organization, introduce innovative technologies, revolutionize the business world, and impact all aspects of a company. After gaining enough experience, project managers frequently advance to full-time management jobs, where they can further hone their skills and earn a solid income.

    In our Project Management course, we’ll explore the essential concepts of project management that every beginner needs to know. Whether you’re new to project management or looking to refresh your knowledge, this course will provide you with a solid foundation to build upon. For example, you’ll learn practical strategies and techniques to apply to your projects immediately.

    We’ll start with the basics and move on to more complex tasks, such as the essence of projects and their varieties; the role of the project manager on the team; planning, cost calculation, and risk assessment; as well as the distribution of tasks between developers. Through our project management course, you will learn to solve any work problems that arise.



    You’ll work with different frameworks and methodologies for project management. You’ll learn how Waterfall differs from iterative approaches, why SCRUM is not a panacea, and how Worksection can improve your efficiency.

    • Explore Scrum, understand Scrum roles, ceremonies, and principles, and learn how to apply Scrum in real projects.
    • Discover the flexible Kanban methodology, learn core Kanban principles like visualizing workflow and limiting work in progress, and understand how Kanban improves efficiency and workflow management.
    • Set up a customized Kanban system for your team, measure performance with Kanban metrics, and drive continuous improvement.

    You’ll learn how to build effective communication between all parties working on the project, including the client, the management, and the team. You’ll learn how to discuss and implement changes quickly. You’ll understand how to interact with stakeholders and quickly resolve conflicts.

    1. TEAM

    Want to learn how to best combine individual specialists into a productive team? We’ll teach how to determine the life cycle of a team according to the Tuckman and Jensen models. Let’s explain how to develop and motivate its participants. As a result, you’ll be able to organize their autonomous work.

    We look at lots of real-life project management examples and give you practical tools that you can use right away to achieve better results on your projects. Whether managing a small, at-home project or an entire global corporate expansion, this course will empower you to become someone who is always one step ahead.

    After completing this project management course, you will be familiar with the world’s best practices and project management tools and be equipped to tackle any project with confidence.


    • We have over 14 years of experience in online marketing and education. Our Webpromo Agency has both Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner statuses.
    • We’ve launched over 2,000 successful marketing and education projects throughout our careers.
    • Anton Voroniuk is also a project delivery expert. He has many years of experience managing projects and integrating change in companies of varying sizes.
    • Over 500,000 specialists worldwide have enrolled in our online courses. Our blog and YouTube tutorials help the Skillsbooster community stay in the loop and get all the tips they need to succeed in digital marketing and other fields.


    • Theory: 2+ hours of lectures with plenty of hands-on examples. Lessons range from 3 to 11 minutes and are easy to follow.
    • Practice Materials: Checklists, templates, and video tutorials to make the course more interactive and valuable.
    • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates.
    • 24/7 Support: If you have any questions, I will always be willing to answer them.
    • A free copy of the book “Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing: How to Attract Customers and Increase Online Sales”.
    • Complete this PM course and receive an Udemy certificate.


    This project management course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Join us on this exciting learning journey, and let’s get started right now on your project management career.

    Who this course is for:

    • People who want to start a career in project management
    • Specialists working with projects at work: marketers, lawyers, designers, programmers, architects, etc.

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