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    Profitable App Development Blueprint for Startups


    • Interest in startups, technology and entrepreneurship


    Each day thousands of mobile apps are published to the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Some of these mobile apps are games, others are social networks, and many are e-commerce apps. All of these apps, if professionally built, should follow a similar mobile app development process. At ONECALL Business Solutions, we have built over 100 web and mobile apps and in this course, I will outline the strategy, design, and development processes we follow.

    Each app is different and our methodologies are always evolving, but this is a fairly standard process when developing mobile apps. This mobile app development process typically includes idea, strategy, design, development, deployment, and post-launch phases.

    • Learn the Value of a Systematic Design & Development Approach
    • Learn the Industry Standard Methodologies to Approach App Design and Development
    • Learn the 10 Key Stages in your App Development Process and The Best Practices to Approach Them
    • Identify which tools can be used at which stage of the development process and understand its significance
    • Learn about Idea Validation and Why it is Important
    • Understanding User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design Principles
    • Learn about Development Sprints and Iterative Development Process

    Detailed Course Curriculum:

    1. Introduction
    2. The Idea & Strategy Stage
    3. The Marketing and MVP (Road Map) Stage
    4. The User-Experience Design Stage
    5. The User-Interface Design Stage
    6. The Development & Iteration Stage
    7. The Review Stage
    8. The Deployment Stage
    9. Further Iteration and Improvement Stage
    10. Conclusion

    Get Access to a Plethora of Resource and Bonuses:

    1. Profitable App Development Blueprint for Startups (Complete Presentation).pdf
    2. The Profitable App Development Blueprint E-Book.pdf
    3. List of Angel Investors and VCs in India.xlsx
    4. Financial Projections Sample – Series A Financials Lean 2M USD final.xlsx
    5. List of Incubators (India).xlsx
    6. Ad Pushup Pitch Deck.pdf
    7. Bliss Pitch Deck.pdf
    8. Buffer Pitch Deck.pdf
    9. Castle Deck Pitch Deck.pdf
    10. MDS Sample Deck.pptx
    11. MixPanel.pdf
    12. Ratan Tata’s Pitch Deck Template.pdf
    13. Square-Deck.pdf
    14. Contact List of USA Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms-VC.csv
    15. Contact List of EU Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms (Over 800 Firms).csv
    16. Contact List_Canada – Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms (Over 100 Firms).csv
    17. Contact List_VC – Middle East.csv

    Enroll Now and I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Cheers!


    Who this course is for:

    • Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs
    • Startup Founders
    • Business Owners
    • Founders and CEO’s
    • Students interested in App Development
    • CTO’s

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