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    Professional Training for Managing Upset Customers


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    In a customer-facing business, we may routinely come across customers who are upset and are likely to express their dissatisfaction to the teams managing them. Handling such customers is a unique and much-desired skill for any professional. The present course helps you with the necessary tips and techniques for working with angry customers. You will learn the methods to hold your own emotional reaction to such events to resolve the issue at hand and make the customer satisfied without creating a spill-over effect on others.

    The techniques and elements that you will learn in this course will help you understand various customer behaviors, which are the manifestation of emotions such as anger, sadness, and frustration. You can use these techniques when discussing with any type of customer, firstly to avoid upsetting them and in the worst case how to repair situations to calm clients so that the situation can be resolved.

    We will provide examples along the way, meant to display positive and negative approaches to situations with angry customers. We will also offer you e-mail and chat templates, phone call scripts, and a series of quizzes, for you to be able to examine the knowledge you gained.

    The course provides hands-on, easy to apply training on

    A. Supporting your Customers Emotionally

    B. Supporting your Customers Operationally

    Building Rapport

    Controlling the Calls

    De-escalating Conversations

    C. How to Manage Stress and Show Gratitude

    How to Manage Stress

    How to Show Gratitude

    D. Additional Resources

    Email Templates

    Phone Scripts for Angry Customers

    Live Chat Templates

    Who this course is for:

    • Present and aspiring Customer Care Executives

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