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    poultry farming Bacterial diseases hindering satisfying prod


    • interest in poultry farming


    aclear example of poultry disease hinder satisfying poultry production is collibacillosis

    This is the localized or systemic infection caused by avian pathogenic Escherichia Coli (APEC). It manifests in diverse ways such as acute fata septicemia, subacute pericarditis, airsaculitis, salpingitis/ peritonitis, cellulitis and lymphocytic depletion of bursa and thymus.

    This infection is seen worldwide in chickens, turkeys, etc. Morbidity varies, mortality is 5-20%. The infectious agent is moderately resistant in the environment, but is susceptible to disinfectants and to temperature of 80*c.


    Colibacillosis causes elevated morbidity and mortality leading to economic losses in the poultry farms especially around the peak of egg production, reduced FCR and carcass condemnation at processing in broilers.

    In Layers

    There is sudden mortality with the absence of typical clinical signs due to the stress factors associated with egg production and systemically accompany by decrease in egg production and increase of poor-quality eggs.

    In Breeders

    When contamination of eggs with E. Coli lead to decrease hatchability and when there is in ovo contamination during incubation of eggs, this will also lead to production of poor-quality chicks with poor livability.

    In Broilers

    When there is systemic infection, this will lead to poor FCR (feed conversion ratio) and increased mortality, skin infection will cause inflammation of subcutaneous tissue which will lead increase condemnation of carcass at processing level.

    in 9 section I  discuss the most important bacterial diseases affect poultry

    section 1 introduction

    section 2 how to investigate afield problem

    section3 disease survailance  necropsy  – lab dignosis

    section4 chalamidiosis the most important zoonotic  disease

    section5  infectious coryza

    section6  salmonolosis

    section 7 fowl cholera

    section8 mycoplasmosis

    section9  colibacillsis

    Who this course is for:

    • all those fond of poultry sciences

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