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    Plastic Waste Pollution: causes, impacts & solutions


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    We live in an era with many challenges: climate change, water scarcity, air pollution, animals extinction, etc… Plastic pollution is one of these serious challenges we need to be aware of and find solutions to.

    Plastic is everywhere. Almost every aspect of our life is linked to some form of plastic.

    We use plastic in packaging for our food and drinks, we also use it for hygiene and cleaning.

    However, plastic waste has got out of our hands, and today we have to deal with plastic pollution and save our ecosystems and environment.

    In this course, we address plastic pollution from many angles to give the audience a broad perspective about the matter.

    The course is composed of 12 sections:


    1. What is Plastic and how is it produced ?

    2. What are Plastic types and their applications?

    3. How much plastic do we produce?

    4. Which industries & companies rely most on plastic?

    5. What is the fate of plastic waste?

    6. How long does it take plastics to decompose?

    7. How does plastic impact on marine life and oceans?

    8. How does plastic impact wildlife?

    9. How does plastic impact plants and lands?

    10. How does plastic impact humans?

    11. Are there any solutions on the government level?

    12. How can we tackle plastic pollution as individuals?


    This course is rich and concise; It provides essential and concentrated information about plastic pollution theme. I hope you enjoy it.

    Who this course is for:

    • Plastic Pollution is something that affect all of us. This course will help eveyone become more aware about this matter.

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