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    Payroll Accounting With Visually Effective Excel Dashboards


    • Microsoft Office Software Installed
    • No prior Excel knowledge is needed


    Recent Student’s Reviews

    ***Excellent and the instructor method of teaching was remarkable and inspiring – Noaman Naeem***

    ***It was good and matching with my expectations. Thanks – Fathima riyasa***

    ***It was fantastic payroll Accounting course. All payroll related concepts are covered in this course to complete payroll related works in Microsoft excel. I was searching long time such a course finally, I have got it. Thanks – Nuha Fathin***

    Eight Reasons why you should choose this Payroll Accounting With Visually Effective Excel Dashboard course

    1. Best Rated Course on Udemy
    2. Latest updated and Doubts Are Solved in this course
    3. Carefully designed curriculum By Proficient In Payroll Accounting Expert
    4. you can complete this course In Short time
    5. Payroll related examples and case studies Provided
    6. Example And  practice exercises Are Able to Download in The Recourse Section
    7. Your queries will be responded by the Instructor With In Short time
    8. A Verifiable Certificate will Be Provided On the Completion

    This Payroll Accounting With Visually Effective Excel Dashboard Course Is All About How To Perform The Perfect Payroll Accounting By Using Microsoft Excel With Visually Effective Dashboard. I Designed This Course To Understanding About What Payroll Is And How To Perform Payroll Accounting By Using Microsoft Excel And Understanding about Calculation For Whole Payroll Process By Using Excel Formulas And Functions With Pivot Table and Pivot charts Furthermore After Completing This Course You are able to Create Visually Effective Payroll Related Interactive Dashboard By Using Pivot Table And Pivot Chats To Take Important And Essential Payroll Related Decision Making For Managerial People. In the Final Payroll Step We Will Discussed About Preparation Of Automated Payslip For Each Employees’ In Easy Manner.

    What is covered in this course?

    The course contain A practical Example with Different Pay heads and calculation process. I have given task to do then video answer is available. It is suggested that you:

    01 What are the steps for Payroll Accounting?

    02 How to Prepare The Payroll Raw data Table From Available data?

    03 How To Create The Templates For Payroll Accounting In Microsoft Excel?

    04 How to Prepare The Payroll Sheet Table ?

    05 How To Calculate The Employee’s Allowances And Deduction By Using Microsoft Excel Formulas & Functions ?

    06 How To Exactly Calculate Employee’s Total Earnings And Deduction And Net Salary By Using Microsoft Excel ?

    07 How to Record Payroll Accounting Entries?

    08 How to Prepare Visually Effective Payroll Dashboard By Using Microsoft Excel Pivot table and Pivot Charts?

    09 How To Easily Prepare The Pay Slip In Microsoft Excel?

    10 How To Prepare Next Month Salary Report in Easy way?

    What are The Chapters Included in this course?

    I give you the overall Payroll Accounting System & Payroll Process  that you as a Payroll Manager would need to know, in order to be proficient in doing the payroll. The Course Split Into 12 Chapters Those Are As Below.

    Chapter-01 Introduction To Payroll Accounting

    Chapter-02 Pay Head Types

    Chapter-03 Payroll Related Excel Formulas And Functions

    Chapter-04 Payroll Accounting Example-01

    Chapter-05 The Five Steps For Payroll Accounting

    Chapter-06 Prepare The Raw Data Sheet

    Chapter-07 Prepare The Payroll Sheet Table & Edit The Payroll Sheet in Simple way

    Chapter-08 Record Payroll Accounting Entries

    Chapter-09 Prepare The Interactive Dashboard

    Chapter-10 Prepare The Payslip

    Chapter-11 Preparation Of Next Month Salary

    Chapter-12 Print The Reports

    Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I’ll see you in Chapter 1!



    Who this course is for:

    • HR Managers
    • Payroll management team
    • Accountants
    • Financial Managers
    • You are going to take responsibility for Payroll
    • You are going for jobs which have a requirement for you to be able to know payroll And Payroll Process
    • You want to put this skill on your CV
    • You are an accountant and will be offering payroll services
    • You run your own business and want to know how to run the payroll for yourself

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