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    Note Making – Format, Procedure and Points to remember


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    Our memory is limited. We cannot remember all the information all the time. Note-making is quite useful to students. At the time of examinations, it is not possible for the students to go through voluminous books. At that time, notes are quite helpful to them.

    Note Making is a way of recording important details from a source. This source can be any paragraph, passage, book, article, meeting or any oral discussion. We have to read the passage carefully from beginning to end and find out the suitable title for the passage. Avoid using long sentence as heading or title.   Underlining the important sentences helps us to make headings and subheadings.  Heads and subheadings are to be numbered.  All the points are to be given a logical sequence.  Do not change the idea of message of the passage.  We should be brief, clear and specific. Do not include your own version or understanding.

    In this course, we will learn the Format and procedure of Note Making.  The points which should be remembered while Note making will also be discussed. We will also learn the way indenting and numbering is used in Note Making.  Abbreviations and symbols are also used in Note Making. At least four abbreviations must be included in your notes.

    Use universally recognized abbreviations, symbols, shorter words and numbers, wherever necessary and provide key to the abbreviations.

    Who this course is for:

    • Students who are interested to know about Note Making- Format and Procedure

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