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    Natural Language Processing with Transformers in Python


    • Knowledge of Python
    • Experience with data science a plus
    • Experience with NLP a plus


    Transformer models are the de-facto standard in modern NLP. They have proven themselves as the most expressive, powerful models for language by a large margin, beating all major language-based benchmarks time and time again.

    In this course, we learn all you need to know to get started with building cutting-edge performance NLP applications using transformer models like Google AI’s BERT, or Facebook AI’s DPR.

    We cover several key NLP frameworks including:

    • HuggingFace’s Transformers
    • TensorFlow 2
    • PyTorch
    • spaCy
    • NLTK
    • Flair

    And learn how to apply transformers to some of the most popular NLP use-cases:

    • Language classification/sentiment analysis
    • Named entity recognition (NER)
    • Question and Answering
    • Similarity/comparative learning

    Throughout each of these use-cases we work through a variety of examples to ensure that what, how, and why transformers are so important. Alongside these sections we also work through two full-size NLP projects, one for sentiment analysis of financial Reddit data, and another covering a fully-fledged open domain question-answering application.

    All of this is supported by several other sections that encourage us to learn how to better design, implement, and measure the performance of our models, such as:

    • History of NLP and where transformers come from
    • Common preprocessing techniques for NLP
    • The theory behind transformers
    • How to fine-tune transformers

    We cover all this and more, I look forward to seeing you in the course!

    Who this course is for:

    • Aspiring data scientists and ML engineers interested in NLP
    • Practitioners looking to upgrade their skills
    • Developers looking to implement NLP solutions
    • Data scientist
    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Python Developers

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