100% Discount || Music Theory Essentials – MAJOR SCALES FOR GUITAR PLAYERS

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    Music Theory Essentials – MAJOR SCALES FOR GUITAR PLAYERS


    • A Six String Guitar
    • Will to learn


    There comes a point in every guitar player’s life where you get stuck and do not know what steps to follow. Most of the time, that is because the basic concepts of Music are not clear. The Major Scale is the basis of all music theory. It is important to know The Major Scales in and out to have the knowledge of the basics which will make your further learning process easy and smooth.

    This course will give you everything that it takes to understand the working of Major Scales. Understand the notes, intervals, along with finding the notes of any major scale, to how to play them all over the fretboard. You will get all the necessary information from scratch and productive knowledge to carry and practically implement on the instrument, for years to come!

    What will you learn from this course?

    -Why do you need to learn the major scale? Advantages of learning Major Scales

    -How to calculate the notes of any major scale

    -How to play any major scale all over the fretboard

    -How to find and play 5 primary shapes of ANY major scale

    -How to practice it the right way / finger positioning

    -Practice Steps -What is Circle of fifth

    -A metronome track to practice all 5 shapes

    -Exercises within the Major Scales

    Who this course is for:

    • Beginner Guitar Players / Guitarists who want to enhance the Major Scales

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