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    Mitsubishi PLC Programming from Scratch – GX Developer


    • Basic Electrical Hardware Understanding
    • PLC Software (Included in the Course)


    This is a comprehensive course for learning the basic level programing of Mitsubishi PLC in GX Developer software. You will learn the logic designing of GX Developer from scratch in a short period. No hardware equipment will be required to follow the course you will just have to install GX Developer software on you PC and you can do it. Fundamental programming of GX Developer will be covered step by step including the video lectures, solved examples and assignments.

    Course Outline

    1. PLC Wiring

    2. PLC Wiring

    • Inputs, Outputs
    • Power Supply
    • Sink Source
    • Ethernet Communication
    • NPN & PNP Sensors

    3. Download and Install GX Developer Software

    4. How to Use GX Developer Software

    • How to Launch Software
    • How to Create a New Program
    • Normally Open Contacts
    • Normally Close Contacts
    • Output Coil
    • Positive Pulse/Rising Edge Operand
    • Negative Pulse/Falling Edge Operand
    • How to Download the Program into PLC
    • How to Read a Program from PLC

    5. Latching

    • How to Latch an Output Using a Memory Bit
    • How to Latch an Output Using Set and Reset Commands

    6. Interlocking of Motors

    7. Internal Memory or Relay and Latched Internal Memory

    8. Timers

    • On Delay Timer

      • Enable of Timer

      • Specifying the Duration of Time

      • Resetting a Timer

    • Off-Delay Timer
    • Retentive On-Delay Timer
    • Assignment 1

    9. Counters

    • Up Counter

      • Resetting a Counter

    • Down Counter
    • Up-Down-Counters
    • Assignment 2

    10. Registers

    • How to Initialize Registers
    • How to Write Values in Registers
    • How to Move the Values of Registers
    • How to Use Register with Timers and Counters

    11. Arithmetic Operations

    • Addition
    • Subtraction
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Assignment 3

    12. Compare Command

    • Equal (=)
    • Less Than (>)
    • Greater Than (<)

    13. Examples Using AND, OR Gates

    14. Assignments

    • Two Way Traffic Signal Control
    • Color Mixing Scheme

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