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    Metaphysical Awakening Symptoms – Spiritual Growth Explained


    • No prior knowledge is required
    • An open mind


    Are things changing in your life? Especially in ways that make no ‘sense’? Are issues you thought you resolved a long time ago reappearing? Are your five senses becoming more and more acute? Do you have difficulty focusing? Are your dreams more vivid?

    We live in a time of extreme change. And nowhere do we feel it more than in our own lives. Many people on the planet are realizing that they are not just a physical body. their spiritual side is waking up.

    And if that describes you, then this course will help you understand the changes you are experiencing.

    When we were children, we were told some of the changes to expect. Young boys knew that as they grew older hair would start to grow on their cheeks. Young girl knew that as they became women, their chests would develop.

    But no one talks about what happens when you ‘grow up’ spiritually.

    In this course, David Pilz take you through your spiritual puberty.

    Discover the changes that you are going through are a normal part of your personal journey and how to deal with the energy as it flows through your body.

    Who this course is for:

    • This course is for people who feel the physical world is only part of the story
    • No prior spiritual teaching is required

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