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    Meditation For Beginners with MRS JOY


    • The only requirement is to be open to learn how to be happier and improve your outlook on life with the practice of an amazing self-regulation tool, called meditation.
    • Meditation is the new Medication. Start your Meditation for Beginners today and learn to feel good every day.


    Meditation for Beginners with MRS JOY is designed to provide emotional and mental health skills through the practice of meditation, to help people all over the world to learn this essential self-regulation tool, so they can improve their lives for the better.

    It’s also an additional tool for those supporting friends and loved ones that are passing through stress and hard times at the moment.

    Meditation is important for each one of us, as a healthy habit for a successful lifestyle, free of stress and its symptoms, like anxiety and depression.

    In these 10 special lessons, you will discover about:

    – The History of Meditation

    – Tips and tricks for beginners

    – Plus 7 types of meditations for you to learn about and chose which one you want to start with.

    – The Secret for you to become a Dream Magnet.

    – 3 Special Bonus after you complete your course, including a Certificate of Excellence that you can use to add in your curriculum.

    In each lesson you will find your Gold Nuggets Box with additional resources, like the transcript of each lesson and your mp3, where you can read and listen at any time and everywhere. So, let’s dive in this amazing world of the art of meditation.

    Start Meditation for Beginners Today.

    Let’s go together to transform stress in success.

    Make it Shine and Be Your Best.



    Founder of Joyful Minds Training, Wellbeing Time Meditation Technology, Wellbeing Time USA Online Store, MRS JOY’s Academy

    The World’s Best Self-Development Online Academy for Wellbeing & Mental Health, Meditation & Mindfulness, High Performance & Success.

    Who this course is for:

    • This Course is for: Anyone who wants to know ways to change their brain and it’s chemistry to transform their lives;
    • For those who love to investigate the secrets about neuroscience, meditation and the human nature to discover information most people don’t know and be ahead in their own wellbeing, productivity and success.
    • For anyone who wants to learn simple and powerful meditation techniques, taking only minutes a day;
    • For all people that want to learn a self-regulation tool that helps us to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and increase wellbeing, self-love and compassion.

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