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    Master Course of Professional Ethics


    • No programming experience needed, You will learn everthing you need to know
    • Human resources, HR executives, Business Audits, Organizational leaders can learn and understand the concepts easily.


    Master course of Professional ethics explained and understanding about the standards set by professional organizations for the behavior and values of people working within a specific field. Codes of professional ethics are established in order to provide guidance to professionals, usually to not abuse client relationships and preserve the integrity and reputation of the applicable profession. When a person violates one or more of these promulgated ethics, he or she is subject to disciplinary action by the governing body of the profession. A high level of adherence to a code of professional ethics is needed so that the public will be confident in the moral standards of those working in the field. Codes of professional ethics are commonly applied to professionals in the fields of accounting, law, and medicine.

    Key Areas of Focus

    The fundamental principles within the Code – integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality and professional behavior – establish the standard of behavior expected of a professional accountant (PA) and it reflects the profession’s recognition of its public interest responsibility. Those fundamental principles as well as the categories of threats to them – self-review, self-interest, advocacy, familiarity and intimidation threats are unchanged. Also unchanged, are the overarching requirements to apply the conceptual framework to comply with the fundamental principles and where applicable, be independent.

    In this master course you can learn the five major topics,

    1. Introduction and Importance of professional ethics

    2. Characteristics of Professionalism and skills

    3. Impact professional ethics in workplace

    4. Factors and elements of professional ethics

    5. How do you practice ethics / Develop a code of professional ethics

    Who this course is for:

    • Business, IT and management students, corporate business leaders, HR managers, HR executives, Team leaders, Company Directos and Board of Members

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