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    Master Course in Human Resources 2.0


    • No programming experience needed. You wil learn everything you need to know


    Master Course in Human Resources 2.0

    The Master Course in Human Resources 2.0 is designed for HR professionals aspiring to excel in the dynamic landscape of modern human resources. This advanced program goes beyond traditional HR practices, delving into the realm of HR 2.0, which encompasses cutting-edge strategies and technologies. Participants will explore the intersection of human resources, strategic planning, and business environments, gaining insights into HR audits, human capital management, training and development, and the integration of HR Information Systems (HRIS) for efficient workforce management.

    1. Introduction of Human Resources 2.0
      • Defining Human Resources 2.0 and its evolution
      • Understanding the role of HR in the digital era
      • Exploring emerging trends and technologies shaping HR 2.0
    2. Business Environment and Strategic Planning
      • Analyzing the business environment and its impact on HR practices
      • Aligning HR strategies with organizational goals
      • Formulating and implementing strategic HR plans for organizational success
    3. HR Audit and Human Capital Management
      • Conducting comprehensive HR audits for organizational effectiveness
      • Human capital management strategies for talent acquisition and retention
      • Leveraging analytics to optimize workforce performance
    4. Training, Planning, and Development of Human Resources
      • Designing effective training programs aligned with organizational objectives
      • Identifying and nurturing talent through succession planning
      • Implementing career development initiatives to foster employee growth
    5. Labour Welfare and HR Information System (HRIS)
      • Ensuring employee well-being through comprehensive labor welfare programs
      • Introduction to HR Information Systems and their role in HR 2.0
      • Integration and optimization of HRIS for streamlined HR processes

    Throughout the course, participants will engage in case studies, simulations, and practical exercises, providing them with hands-on experience in applying HR 2.0 principles. The Master Course in Human Resources 2.0 equips HR professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the evolving HR landscape, implement strategic initiatives, and contribute significantly to organizational success in the 21st century. Upon completion, participants will be well-prepared to lead HR functions in a tech-driven and strategically aligned manner !

    In this master course, you will learn the 5 major sessions.,

    1. Introduction of human resources 2.0

    2. Business environment and strategic planning

    3. HR Audit and human capital management

    4. Training, Planning and development of Human resources

    5. Labour welfare and HR Information system &

    6. Additional Lecture: Strategic Human Resource Management

    Enroll now and learn today !

    Who this course is for:

    • All UG, PG Business and Management students, HR managers, leaders, executives, corporate employers

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