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    Master Course in Business Idea Generation and Business Case

    No programming experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know
    Basic business skills, Starrtup knowledge, Innovative thinking for Idea Generation
    Master course in Business Idea Generation and Business Case : Creating original products and services from scratch

    Start-ups are often based on original ideas. Some entrepreneurs see a gap in the market and create products or services that fill it. Others make improvements to existing ones.

    Generation of ideas : It doesn’t matter how you develop a customized product or service. It all starts with an idea. Here are some things to consider:

    · Are there any gaps in the industry you’re in?

    · Does your current product line have any gaps?

    · Do you think you can fix any weaknesses in existing products?

    · Does your product need to be adapted, modified, or improved?

    · How can you improve your product or service based on customer feedback?

    · Would you like to create a service or product that nobody else provides?

    Your first step in creating a brand-new product or service is to come up with an idea.

    It’s a framework for delivering and monitoring the subsequent policy, strategy, or project to follow. Decision makers, stakeholders, and the public all use it to make evidence-based and transparent decisions.

    Projects will only be successful if they’re planned realistically, with a clear focus, and after considering all the risks involved. In a business case, you see the risks, opportunities, and threats clearly and put them in context with the investment that is associated with them. A business case isn’t just a record of a financial Return on Investment, but also a plan to list all the benefits it brings along with it. Students can understand the Interactive Design, Design Thinking, Idea Validation, Startup, business case, business development, business analysis, business acumen, business coach, business case writing, business analyst, case study, executive coach, Business Analysis and Executive Coaching.

    In this master course you can learn the 5 Major topics.,

    1. Introduction and importance of Business Idea Generation and Business Case

    2. Sources of Business Ideas and How to Come Up with Successful Business Ideas?

    3. Methods of generating ideas and strategies for starting a business

    4. Key components, stages and the main purpose of a business case

    5. How to write a business case and what makes a successful business case

    Who this course is for:
    All UG, PG Business Students, Startup mentors, business owners and entrepreneurs, Existing and new business launchers

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