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    Master Course in Business Communication 2.0

    No programming experience needed, You will learn everything you need to know
    Group discussion skills, Basic business skills and presentation skills,
    Master course in business communication 2.0

    Messages and conversations are just part of communication. Communication is most important in business to get right, because it means understanding each other’s point of view. From the planning stages of any activity to the tracking of its success, everything in the workplace depends on good communication.

    Organisations are constantly inundated with information, from clients to suppliers, from agencies to internal departments. The number of people involved in a single project can be quite large these days because everything needs feedback and approval. When engaging with any individual involved in a project, you have to wear different hats based on seniority. Depending on whom you’re trying to communicate with and what their goals are for the project, how you manage your business communication should change. In a business environment, communication is important to ensure efficiency, avoid misunderstandings, and avoid mistakes caused by miscommunication.

    Business communication always has an end goal, unlike personal communication. Almost every company has rules for good business practice when it comes to communication within the workplace. Business communication used to be limited to phone calls and paperwork. Now we’ve got email, video conferencing, and instant messaging.

    The 5 major topics I’d like to teach in this master’s course are:

    1. What business communication 2.0 is and why it’s important

    2. The types, principles, and barriers of business communication

    3. What’s the connection between entrepreneurship and business communication?

    4. As an entrepreneur, what makes good business communication?

    5. What are the best ways to improve your business communication?

    Who this course is for:
    All UG and PG Business, and other students to learn about the business communication skills
    Entrepreneurs and business onwners, Directors, Business executives, marketing managers and leaders
    Interested students to learn the concepts of business communication latest methods and steps.

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