100% Discount || Managing Stress and Reducing Anxiety for a Better Life

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    Managing Stress and Reducing Anxiety for a Better Life


    • This course is great for anyone who suffers from stress themselves, or is attempting to help somebody who does.
    • No prior knowledge or experience is required.
    • There’s also a great workbook with a focused Action Plan that enables you to continually develop your skills.


    Are you suffering from stress?
    Or know someone who is, and really want to help?

    Then this course is for you!

    MODULE 1:  What is Stress?

    Topics covered:

    • What is Stress?
    • When is Stress an Issue?
    • What are the Effects of  Stress?
    • What Causes Stress?
    • Types of Stress
    • MODULE 2:  Stress and Change

    Topics covered:

    • The Biggest Driver of Stress  is Change
    • The Holmes-Rahe Test
    • Managing Situational Stress
    • Anticipating Change

    MODULE 3:  Money Troubles

    Topics covered:

    • Money Troubles
    • Keeping Up with the Jones’s
    • The Reality of Wealth
    • The Three Levels of Sufficiency
    • Financial Setbacks
    • Long Term Stress and Saving
    • Finance and Relationships

    MODULE 4
    :  Health and Lifestyle

    Topics covered:

    • Health and Lifestyle
    • Exercise
    • Sleep
    • Diet and Nutrition
    • Stress and Addiction

    MODULE 5:  Interactivity and Support

    Topics covered:

    • Bottling Things Up is Bad for You
    • Your Support Network
    • Friends and Family
    • Outside Resources

    MODULE 6:  Time and Obligations

    Topics covered:

    • Stress and Time
    • Setting Goals
    • Planning for Future Stress
    • Work/Life Balance
    • No Downtime – Always on the      Go!
    • Wrap Up
    • MODULE 7:  Fun and Relaxation

    Topics covered:

    • Fun and Relaxation
    • Planning for Fun
    • Try Something New
    • STOP
    • 21 Days To Form a Habit
    • No backsliding

    MODULE 8:  Setting Goals and Planning for the Future

    Topics covered:

    • SMART Goals
    • The Three Ps
    • The Four As
    • Achieving Your Personal Goals

    Who this course is for:

    • Anybody who wants to reduce and manage their own stress, or to help someone they know, and wants to lessen the impact of stress for a big improvement in health, happiness and quality of life.
    • Just knowing the background to stress – in general, and more importantly, in your own situation – will lead you to a calmer, more controlled and happier life

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