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    Machine Learning – Regression and Classification (math Inc.)

    Basic mathematical concepts of addition, multiplication and so on
    Knowing python beforehand would be handful
    Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) focused on building applications that learn from data and improve their accuracy over time without being programmed to do so.

    In data science, an algorithm is a sequence of statistical processing steps. In machine learning, algorithms are ‘trained’ to find patterns and features in massive amounts of data in order to make decisions and predictions based on new data. The better the algorithm, the more accurate the decisions and predictions will become as it processes more data.

    Machine learning has led to some amazing results, like being able to analyze medical images and predict diseases on-par with human experts.

    Google’s AlphaGo program was able to beat a world champion in the strategy game go using deep reinforcement learning.

    Machine learning is even being used to program self driving cars, which is going to change the automotive industry forever. Imagine a world with drastically reduced car accidents, simply by removing the element of human error.

    Topics covered in this course:

    1. Lecture on Information Gain and GINI impurity

    2. Numerical problem related to Decision Tree will be solved in tutorial sessions

    3. Implementing Decision Tree Classifier in workshop session

    4. Regression Trees

    5. Implement Decision Tree Regressor

    6. Simple Linear Regression

    7. Tutorial on cost function and numerical implementing Ordinary Least Squares Algorithm

    8. Multiple Linear Regression

    9. Polynomial Linear Regression

    10. Implement Simple, Multiple, Polynomial Linear Regression [[coding session]]

    11. Write code of Multivariate Linear Regression from Scratch

    12. Learn about gradient Descent algorithm

    13. Lecture on Logistic Regression [[decision boundary, cost function, gradient descent…..]]

    14. Implement Logistic Regression [[coding session]]

    Who this course is for:
    Seasonal and Beginners Python developers who want to learn about different AI and ML algorithms
    Students who want to learn all the mathematics behind popular regression and classification models
    Students who want to learn to implement data science libraries to solve real world Machine Learning problems

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