100% Discount || Linux bash shell scripting Incl. AWK, SED and 10+ projects.

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    Linux bash shell scripting Incl. AWK, SED and 10+ projects.


    • No previous programming language knowledge is required.
    • Some basic knowledge of linux is required.


    This unique course is designed to become an expert in bash shell scripting to automate repetitive tasks.

    • This the all in one course for shell scripting, linux bash scripting, linux administration, bug bounty, penetration testing and etc.
    • This course is on advance shell scripting  this course is for  system administrators, penetration testers, sysadmins, linux administrators, bug bounty hunters, ethical hackers, developers and etc.
    • This course is focused to clear your basic about linux bash shell scripting and take you to another level of shell scripting.
    • At the ending of the course I guarantee that you will be able to clear all your basics regarding shell scripting you will be also be able to make your own tools in bash.
    • This course is made for automating repetative tasks in linux systems.

    This course includes all the concepts of bash scripting from command line to scripting to project based approach.

    I have included more than 10 projects which will clear your doubts on bash shell scripting which includes server backup, server load monitoring system, recon on a website and many more.   

    The course contains this topics:

    1. Introduction
      1. Introduction
    2. Linux administration
      1. Overview of linux administration
      2. Types of users in linux
      3. Basic linux administration commands
      4. Adding and deleting a user
      5. Adding and deleting a group
    3. Basic to advance linux commands
      1. Basic to advance linux commands | Part – 1
      2. Basic to advance linux commands | Part – 2
      3. Basic to advance linux commands | Part – 3
    4. Some advance linux commands
      1. echo command
      2. Xargs command
      3. Find command
      4. TR command
      5. Grep command
    5. Linux file permissions
      1. Basic overview of file permissions
      2. Understanding files permissions practically
      3. Exporting files to path
    6. Hello world in bash
      1. Hello world ! in bash
      2. She-bang
      3. Behind the scene of execution of a script
    7. Variables in bash
      1. Variables intro
      2. Explicit
      3. Reading user input in bash
      4. Advance method to read user input
      5. Command substitution
      6. Advance method to read user input
      7. Builtin or environment variables in bash
      8. Project on variables
    8. Arithmetic calculation in bash
      1. Overview of arithmetic calculation
      2. Practical of arithmetic calculation
      3. Project on arithmetic calculation
    9. Strings in bash
      1. String overview
      2. Basics of string
      3. Case modification
      4. Sub-string removal
      5. Search and replace in string
      6. Finding string length
      7. Sub-string expansion
      8. Concatenation
    10. Arrays in bash
      1. Overview of array
      2. Basics of array
      3. Associative array
      4. Indices
      5. Project on array
    11. Arguments in bash
      1. Overview of arguments
      2. Practical on arguments
      3. More on arguments
      4. Special parameters in bash
      5. Project on arguments
    12. I & O redirection in bash
      1. I/O redirection
      2. Practical on I/O redirection
      3. Piping
    13. Exit status
      1. Overview of exit status
      2. Practical on exit status
      3. Custom exit status
    14. If-else in bash
      1. if-else overview
      2. Mathamatical comparision
      3. More on mathamatical comparision
      4. String comparision
      5. More on string comparision
      6. File conditions
      7. More on file conditions
      8. If-elif-else
      9. if-else ladder
      10. AND and OR operators
      11. Project on if-else | Part – 1
      12. Project on if-else | Part -2
    15. Regular expressions in bash
      1. Introduction to  regular expression
      2. Practical on regular expression
      3. Introduction to character class
      4. Practical on character class
      5. Project on regular expression | Part – 1
      6. Project on regular expression | Part – 2
      7. Task on regular expression
      8. Solution of task
    16. Globbing
      1. Introduction to globing
      2. More on globing
      3. Introduction to extended globing
      4. More on extended globing
      5. Difference between regular expression and globing
      6. Project on globing
    17. While loop
      1. Introduction to while loops
      2. More on while loop
      3. C-Style while loop
      4. Reading from while loop
      5. Infinite while loop
      6. While loop with multiple conditions
      7. Nested while loop
      8. Practical on nested while loop
      9. Break & continue with while loop
      10. Project on while loop
      11. Task on while loop
      12. Solution of task
    18. For loop
      1. Introduction of for loop
      2. Basics of for loop
      3. Reading files in for loop
      4. C-Style for loop in bash
      5. Infinite for loop
      6. For loop with arrays
      7. For loop with two parameters
      8. For loop with parametized file list
      9. Nested for loop, break & continue
      10. Real world project on for loop
    19. Until loop
      1. Until loop explanation
    20. Case
      1. Introduction to case
      2. Syntax and basic of case
      3. More on case
      4. Creating menu using “select”
      5. Rechecking user input using case
      6. Creating scripts with parameters
      7. Real world project on case
    21. Function
      1. Introduction to functions in bash
      2. Syntax of functions
      3. More on functions
    22. Cron jobs
      1. Introduction to cron jobs
      2. More on cron jobs
      3. Verifying your cronjob
      4. GUI cronjob
      5. Real world project on cronjobs
    23. Colors in bash
      1. Syntax of adding colors in shell
      2. Practical of colors
      3. Creating a welcome message on every time you open your terminal
    24. Printf command
      1. Printf command introduction
      2. More on printf command
      3. Width specification in printf command
      4. Creating a table
    25. Awk command
      1. Introduction to awk command
      2. Awk practical
      3. Regular expression with awk
      4. Field seprators
      5. Boolean operators in awk
      6. If-else in awk
      7. Boolean operators in awk
      8. Loops in awk (for loop, while loop, do while loop)
    26. Sed command
      1. Introduction to sed command
      2. More on sed command
      3. Practical examples on sed
    27. Simple projects (Sharpen your skills)
      1. Random quote generator
      2. Digital clock
      3. Password generator
    28. System administration projects
      1. Script for Server backup
      2. Server load monitoring script
    29. Projects for penetration testing (BUG BOUNTY HUNTERS OR PENTESTERS)
      1. XSS finder
      2. SSRF finding tool
      3. Full recon tool for website reconnaissance
      4. URL extractor from javascript files
    30. Bonus section
      1. Bonus video

    Points to remember:

    • Remember your goals
    • Don’t stop until you proud
    • Organize your time to learn and Practice
    • Remember why you started
    • You can do it
    • Make notes of every thing in separte copy because you cannot memorize everything

    Happy learning 🙂

    Who this course is for:

    • The person who is curious about linux, bug bug bounty, penetration testing.
    • The person who want to learn the concepts of shell scripting

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