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Learn Programme Management: Six Practical Lessons


  • Interest or involvement in projects and programmes
  • No prerequisites


“Good course and have picked up a few points to implement in my projects. Thanks Peter” – Malungelo

Great course” – Emmah, “Good course for leadership skills” – Abdurrahman

“I like the approach, it is based on actual experience which answers the “how” that is usually left out of the course material” – Vernicia

This course will transform your role on any project and ensure that you excel in creating alignment, focus and delivery. Whether you are helping to lead projects, programmes or teams, these lessons will help you improve your performance and ensure your project stands out. The course is based on lessons that have been learned in 20 years of leading projects, which have become consistently tried and trusted.

Understand the importance of how to approach projects. Test your knowledge with quizzes and make real progress by completing assignments for each of the 6 secrets.

  • Go fast, go alone, Go far, go together
  • Invest in relationships and be vulnerably competent
  • Build your team 1 by 1 through mentoring and coaching
  • Pace yourself, your team and get over the finish line
  • Cut through the noise and expect the unexpected
  • Know the symptoms of cumbersome projects early
  • Perfection is the enemy of great, so know when to start counting down
  • Create a sense of urgency and momentum
  • Understand complex project landscapes
  • Develop mutual trust and collaboration
  • Make better design decisions and save time

This course will expand on these topics to give you the insights that you need to be a successful programme manager today. The course also includes a handy worksheet that you can use to tick off the tips and tricks you learn in each lesson so that you can better apply them and understand which ones work best for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone helping to lead teams, projects or programmes
  • Any type of projects and roles on projects

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Get this Deal

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