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    Learn Method Acting, Characterisation & Monologue Mastery

    Students who enrolle in this course must have a passion for acting and a desire learn the craft and to reach mastery of the craft.
    “By the strength of her personality and her ability to foretell the future, Joan convinced the King of France to grant her an armed force. In return, she led her small band of followers to take on and defeat the might of the English. Her conviction ensured her a place at the forefront of France’s military history.”

    “A study found that Every Year 63% of Actresses and 48% of Actors struggle with anxiety

    59% of women performers and 61% of men performers suffer from stress, while 37% of women and 36% of men say they have had depression. 99% will quit before they break into the Entertainment Industry. Could You Be Next?”

    If you are or want to be involved in the Entertainment Industry as a performer, you simply can’t ignore these stats anymore.

    The good news is that you don’t have to be part of those statistics even if you want to dive into this profession “soul first”.

    Read on to find out why this course is the best thing you can do for your career in acting and avoid disappointment further along the way …

    • Which of these 3 Acting techniques and tools: Prepping Warm-up, Mind mastery and Improvisation, are you overlooking? Find out in module #7

    • Why do some Actors almost always nail their characterisation? You’ll discover their secrets so that you can feel 100% confident about your work too!

    • You’ll discover a drop-dead-easy way to be and feel like your character feels on set, to be them in essence, you’ll wish you had known about this years ago!

    • Find out why so many people quit this profession discouraged and how you can make sure it never happens to you!

    • The “can’t fail” way to get your monologue right, delivering it powerfully and anew each time, no matter how many times you do it. Learn this once, and you’ll be blown away by the results!

    • The absolute best way to do meaningful character research for a monologue when you have very little or no background information at all.

    • The 3 secrets of becoming a strong and transformative Actor beyond versatility, virtually to guarantee your success!

    And so much more.

    Simply put, if you want to finally Master the Acting Craft, Gain Confidence about your Future as an Actress and start off with clear direction on your path to success. You need to Learn Method Acting, Characterisation and Monologue Mastery.

    But don’t take my word for it. Just look at what others are saying:

    Kathryn Raphael

    Sylvia Love Johnson is a force of nature with her passion and ability to break down acting techniques. I have appreciated her commitment and her ability to inspire, challenge and support young talent. My daughter has greatly benefited from the coaching sessions and precious advice.

    Margaret Leitch

    I would recommend Sylvia very, very highly as an acting career coach. Her coaching and mentoring of my son Ross,13, has been top drawer. Sylvia is so clever and talented and has an immense wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Her gentle, cheerful and bubbly personality is just perfect for drawing a young, occasionally awkward person like Ross out of himself and help him believe anything is possible.

    Sylvia nurtures the relationship with Ross and myself to be the best supportive unit that we can be, and we both love her to bits.

    Faiz Francis Ouma

    Now, if there’s something beautiful that has happened to my career Sylvia Love Johnson is one. The day I got to join her class and be taught. I learnt so much that I don’t think I would have learnt anywhere else. My best part was the Archetypes. This deepens my character relationship with me. It gets me really close to them. This is something any actor would want. I am so grateful for this opportunity and glad to have met you.

    I would recommend any actor out there to pass through here. Trust me, you will learn something. Something that you’ll run away with and will change your thinking on approaching a character. She was so patient with me as it took me a bit of struggle to get the hang of it, which encouraged me a lot. Coach, I am so grateful for being part of my acting process. I can never take this part for granted. Thank you so much, and may God add you more wisdom to keep showering on us. I can’t wait to make a film with you.

    At this point, we both know that Learn Method Acting, Characterisation and Monologue Mastery is precisely what you’ve been looking for to take your passion for acting to the Next Level.

    It’s precisely what you want. It’s precisely what you need.

    Who this course is for:
    Students who are after a Career in Acting.
    Acting Students who seek to sharpen their skills.
    Professional Actors who want to expand their knowledge, sharpen their methodology and enhance their skills.
    Members of the public who want to learn more about Joan of Arc or would like to benefit from the theraputic benefits of Acting

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